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Sacred Path

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

After I left my church community at the age of 22, I decided to sign up for a world religions class at my local community college. I wanted to learn more about different religions in an academic format because I was determined to not joining a church again.

The process of leaving my faith community was extremely painful. Throughout my formative years, it had influenced both my identity and my way of understanding the world and, suddenly, at that moment, I found myself acquiring a new way of living. I arrived early and sat close to the front. The teacher introduced herself and gave us a bit of information about the course. She then told us that "spirituality was a journey". I still remember how angry I felt when I heard that thinking "What?! I don't think so." The painful process of losing my previous faith had given me a sense of having arrived somewhere and the last thing I wanted to hear is that there was more to my journey than that. She also invited us to pray or meditate during class. I was disappointed. I wanted to learn and understand more about world religions, I did not want to pray nor did I want anything that resembled a religious practice. I stayed until the end of the class but never returned.

I have to admit that indeed my spirituality has been a journey. One I could not anticipate or plan, but that has been fulfilling, beautiful, and challenging. A lifelong journey and a sacred journey. And I have learned some things in the process that I want to share with others.

Ruta sagrada, sacred path, is a space for companionship. We are not on the same path because each path is unique but, at times, we may find ourselves sharing the same part of the journey and can accompany each other.

I believe that when we share our journeys with one another, we allow ourselves to learn, grow, and that our sharing will teach us something about life, about the Divine, about what it means to be human. The renewed purpose of this website is to offer a space of companionship on our spiritual journeys, of discovery and mutual growth.

Traveler, pilgrim, wanderer, seeker, welcome! I am so glad our paths have crossed.

Photo by Johannes Plenio (from Pexels)

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