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“Your first task is to find the place where your soul is at home.”-Thomas Moore


Welcome to
Sacred Route

Every path, every journey is sacred. The journey is unique for each person and it offers an individual way of being human. Here, we delve into the intricate elements, the defining moments, and the soul-stirring encounters that render your journey truly divine.The way your individual gifts invite you to inhabit the world. Life itself extends an enchanting invitation, urging us to rediscover our place, to acknowledge the divine spark that permeates both within and beyond.

Tania Y Marquez

Spiritual Companion - Teacher


Despite all the unknowns that still surrounds our existence, I invite you to consider that being human is not only the condition of being born, but our vocation in life. That being human is a becoming, a journey, a process of discovery, rediscovery and co-creation. 

I am a compassionate guide, a seasoned clinical chaplain, and a devoted Spiritual Director. My mission is to walk alongside you through life's pivotal moments, extending a compassionate heart, a reassuring presence, and a safe space to delve into profound inquiries about the essence of humanity. Whether you're navigating grief, weathering life's storms that stir existential questions, or yearning to delve deeper into your spiritual journey, know that I am here, ready to offer solace and support every step of the way.

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Rev. Katie Romano Griffin, IN

Rev. Tania is one of the most grace-filled people that I have ever met. She has supported me through some very key times in my life and I recommend her services to anyone I know who is looking to truly delve deeply into their spiritual life with a supportive, compassionate and appropriately challenging Spiritual Director. I think of Rev. Tania especially in instances of identity formation and integration, and living authentically. Working with Rev. Tania is a true gift to give to yourself if you are seeking to live life fully and freely as a fully integrated being interconnected to all life.

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