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Spiritual Accompaniment

“The first task in seeking guidance is then to address your own struggles, doubts, and insecurities - in short, it is to affirm your life as a quest." ― Henri J.M. Nouwen


Embark on a transformative journey of spiritual accompaniment—a sacred process where individuals seek the guidance of a compassionate mentor to nurture their spiritual evolution. Rooted in tradition, this journey offers a sanctuary for exploration, where one can unveil the presence of the Divine in their life's tapestry.

The inner landscape of each soul is a vast terrain, brimming with intricacies and nuances. What fills one life with meaning may diverge entirely from another's path. For that reason, in my practice of spiritual accompaniment, I prioritize crafting spaces that resonate with the traveler's unique language, symbols, and rituals—facilitating a profound connection to their inner world and a sense of belonging to the cosmos.

My approach is holistic, embracing the integral harmony of mind, body, and spirit, as we embark together on the quest for a richer, more vibrant spiritual existence.


Contact me if you'd like to schedule a 30 minute exploratory session. This initial session is complimentary so we can both discern if we are a good match and if this is the right time for spiritual direction. 

What to talk about with your spiritual director?

Here are some ideas of things you can bring to your session: 

  • Questions about your spirituality and Life's big questions

  • Your reflections about G-d, the Divine, life, and the spiritual life

  • Revelations and epiphanies you have had

  • Your mystical experiences

  • Your experience with your spiritual practice

  • All that is related to your inner life and your connection with life, with the Divine or that which is greater that yourself.  

  • Your soul's questions and concerns

  • Your discernment process

  • Religious and spiritual topics

Principles that guide my practice

  • Every living being is sacred. 

  • Every life path is unique and complex. Our lives are living sacred texts. 

  • There is beauty everywhere.

  • There is a Love that always sustains us.

  • Our worth and dignity are inherent to our humanity.

  • Rituals connect us to the sanctity of life, to the presence of divinity in us and around us. 

  • Social justice is spiritual work.

  • We grow and heal in community. We need one another

  • Our bodies are sacred

  • There is an inner teacher in every person.

  • Each seeker's path is unique and sacred. 

50-60 minute sessions

Cost per session: $125*

*Honor system sliding scale ($25-125) for students, BIPOC, and seekers who are unable to pay the full fee.

Zoom sessions, available in person in the central San Diego County, CA area.

Group session (75-90 min): $35 per person, commitment required for 4 sessions.

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